The Bands Growth Hormone Effect

BFR Training Can Naturally Increase HGH

Why is the Way You Should Exercise

Bands create 4 Profound Effects in the Body that are not attainable with traditional Training Methods:

  • Workout Sessions are less than 20 minutes
  • You feel the Burn & Fatigue Fast
  • You Fatigue Deeper than you could without the Bands
  • You experience a Growth Hormone Surge

Growth Hormone has a whole host of Fitness and Health Benefits on the Human Body!

Does BFR Create More Growth Hormone?

Exercise with Bands will create more Growth Hormone

  • Exercise with Bands creates a fast and deep fatigue or Burn that everyone can feel
  • This burn is a metabolic disturbance in the muscle due to reduced O2 and Lactic Acid buildup
  • This is the key to getting post-exercise Growth Hormone Surge
  • Deeper and longer Burn equals more Growth Hormone released

Exercise with Bands creates a deeper fatigue than most people have ever experienced, creating a substantially higher Growth Hormone release than most people have ever experienced

More Growth Hormone equals more physical adaptation in the body . . . and it promotes positive health changes throughout the body

BFR Growth Hormone Studies

Peer Review : Extensive Review of BFR Literature



  • Increased Muscle Strength
  • Hypertrophy (Increased cross sectional area)
  • Localized Endurance
  • Cardio-respiratory endurance
  • Growth Hormone Release
  • Less Muscle Damage
  • Safe


Study : 11 Males - Large Increase in HGH

ReferenceHemodynamic and hormonal responses to a short-term low-intensity resistance exercise with the reduction of muscle blood flow.

CONCLUSIONS: Growth Hormone Increased increased GH (0.11+/-0.03 to 8.6+/-1.1 ng/ml). These results suggest that short term low intensity resistance exercise with BFR significantly stimulates the exercise-induced GH.


Study : Middle Aged Women

Reference: Effect of a low-intensity resistance exercise program with blood flow restriction on growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1 levels in middle-aged women

CONCLUSIONS: A significant elevated GH level was observed in the BFR groups when compared with the control group.


Study : 13 Health College Aged Females

Reference: Hormone Responses to an Acute Bout of Low Intensity Blood Flow Restricted Resistance Exercise in College-Aged Females

CONCLUSIONS: GH increased immediately post exercise for both protocols (High Intensity and BFR) as compared to baseline. In conclusion, acute BFR restricted resistance exercise stimulated similar increases in Anabolic hormone responses in young women as High Intensity Exercise


Study : 7 Healthy Older Men (70 yo)

Reference: Circulating hormone and cytokine response to low-load resistance training with blood flow restriction in older men.

CONCLUSIONS: GH increased from rest to 30-min post-exercise and was greater during BFR than without. In conclusion, a single bout of  BFR increases the circulating concentrations of GH in older men and may explain the skeletal muscle and peripheral vascular adaptations observed following training with BFR.


Study : 10 Young and 10 Older men

ReferenceGrowth hormone responses to acute resistance exercise with vascular restriction in young and old men

CONCLUSIONS: Both age groups responded similarly to each exercise condition with increased GH in response to BFR. However, young men had a greater maximal GH response.