BFR Research for Health Professionals to Review

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BFR Studies

Go here for a BFR summary of the 10 scientific studies listed below:

1.     Athletes - Muscle Strength and Size

2.     Bone Strength

3.     Brain Benefits

4.     Cardiac Benefits

5.     Diabetes Benefits

6.     Growth Hormone Impact in Men

7.     Growth Hormone Impact in Women

8.     Vein Health

9.     Weakness or Injury in Lower Extremity

10.   Blood Sugar / Insulin Benefits

B3/B Strong Safety Studies

 Bands are the only Multi-Air Chamber Bands (Patented)

  • Does not create a tourniquet effect
  • Does not require a doppler to measure blood flow
  • #1 Bands for Safety - (See studies below)
  • #1 Bands for Comfort
  • #1 Bands for Ease of Use
  • As Safe as normal exercise for everyone from 8-90 years old
  • Preferred Bands of USA Olympic Teams, Professional Sports Teams, Doctors, Therapists, Trainers and Athletes

Yoga Study

Wide Rigid Cuffs vs Narrow Elastic Bands

Peer Review - 14 Medical Experts

Summary of Conclusions:

- Increased strength and hypertrophy in young and older populations

- BFR-RE results in greater post-exercise hypotension than HL-RE (high load resistance exercise)

- The totality of the literature reveals minimal adverse events pertaining to VTE and clinically reported events have not been reported"

- Resistance training has demonstrated the ability to up-regulate the fibrinolytic pathway and has been demonstrated after just one exercise session and in healthy young participants and aged patients with coronary artery disease (CAD). It would appear that BFR-RE stimulates the fibrinolytic system

Blood Flow Restriction Exercise: Considerations of Methodology, Application, and Safety